WHATS SEA MOSS! Back in 2002 when we first start selling sea moss on the internet, it was a serene place to do business.

Most people hadn’t heard of the benefits of sea moss, and the product we sell was Euchema Cottonii, a species of sea weed

that grows in Tropical waters. It was the same sea weed we grew in the Caribbean which we called sea moss, of which the

Jamaican called Irish moss.

Here started the confusion, what was sea moss from Irish moss?

For years, there has been much confusion on this subject as many sellers and prognosticators of the product continued to

mix up the two species of sea weed. There is little nutritional difference between the two species, sea moss vs. Irish moss.

But in appearance they differ, and there are harvested from different regions of the world.  Sea moss is a tropical weed, while

Irish moss grows in cold northern waters.

As more and more people begin to explore the use of sea moss, further confusion erupted as sellers seek to differentiate by

applying various misnomers about the product. These misguided comments as to what is proper sea moss, has over the years

further confused the consumer, to the point that all sea moss is looked upon with suspicion. These so called experts has invented

labels such as wild crafted, artificial, fake, pool harvested an so on, words that sounds interesting but means so little.

I will do my best to debunk these various labels.

Wild crafted, the words say more than it means, if they are saying that the only proper and healthy sea moss is that which is pull

wild from the ocean. It’s a novel idea and even if possible could full less than 2% of the sea moss used in Industry and for personal

consumption. Fortunately for us who lives on planet Earth, sea moss is cultivated in inlets on the ocean like any other product by

farmers who runs strings just below the tide line. Artificial, this disqualification doesn’t deserve any response, utterly nonsense.

Fake, I am trying to remember the last time I see a fake apple, pear or anything that’s alive. Words spoken by pious people who have

lost a grip on reality.

Pool harvested. Now, this is a worthy topic that should be discussed as to its feasibility. Small amounts of sea moss are currently grown

in brine pools. This method of cultivation is expensive and doesn’t have any significant impact on the market. When purchasing sea moss

asked your distributor if his sea moss is pool grown.

To this end beware of words such as organically grown and the price at the distribution level. Over the past year or so there has been an

introduction of various variety of the same Euchema Cottonii sea weed. Some appears in powder, purple and brown forms. 

We welcome the various forms, but see a danger in some presenting the new kid on the block as better that the standard moist variety.

After harvesting, the only little difference between the varieties is the price and the drying methods. 

You will have to pay more, as it takes both more time and sea moss to make the Mummified variety. All these varieties are accomplished

by drying out the sea moss to a “mummy state”.

There are application for using 5% water content sea moss, but it doesn’t worth the added price you will have to pay for this product,

if you are eating or using the sea moss in home recipes.

On observation, many of the folks giving advice about sea moss are not suppliers, but retailers who relies on the good faith of their

distributors to tell the truth. We are distributors and are in touch with our suppliers checking on quality, source and any change in

appearance to the product. We are the first line of contact and have over the years built relationships with our suppliers. They know we

expect the cleanest best product available free from gimmickry and false marketing ploys.

We hope we have eliminated most of the concerns you have about this wholesome natural food, and you continue to shop

PAJ Internet Enterprises - wifglobal.com.   Peter Jordan