Normal order - where the merchandise is prepacked shelf stock. Within 5 days after receipt.Time from receipt to delivery via (Flat rate Postal) 6 days including Saturday. Sea Moss delivery - where the units Customer can expect shipment within reasonable time. Will be shipped as soon as possible - within 5 business days when possible. Max 10 business days. Delays are possible on Specialty Items - such as sea- moss. There are many reasons why this maybe, such as, import delays, problems with processing and preparing the sea moss for shipment.  Emergency Turn around on an order is shipment within 24 hrs. after receiving order from Customer must pay the 2-3 days delivery rate Emergency is only guaranteed for in stock items.. We ship to Europe and the world apart from The United States Foreign orders shipping rates are adjusted to match the USPS rates. Remember, foreign shipments are in 1lb, 3lb. 10lb. and 15lb. denominations. All other weights must be cleared by wifglobal before order is placed. Email us at: [email protected] It is advised before placing an foreign order to call: 1-246-230-6153. This eliminate any delay in shipping due to shipping cost and quantity. Current rates for all foreign countries other than Canada is: Small Box 1 lb. $37.45 | Medium Box 2 - 10 lbs. $78.60 | Large Box 11- 15 lbs. $102.25 CANADA Small Box 1 lb. $27.90 | Medium Box 2 - 10 lbs. $51.55 | Large Box 11- 15 lbs. $67.05 POST DIRECTIVE INDICATES THAT ALL FOREIGN SHIPMENT WILL BE DELIVERED TO THE HOST COUNTRIES WITHIN 5 - 10 BUSINESS DAYS A listing of foreign rates can be found at we will not ship your order if your invoice freight is less than the USPS rates. You will be contacted and requested to pay the difference..We ship to APO. APO are treated as domestic shipments and the freight should match the same. Please email or call us, if your items wasn't received after one week of placing the order Email: [email protected]: 246-827-5527 or 246-428-9101 (Thanks Raymond from Arlington VA 22201 forprompting us to prepare this Page..)