At, we want to bring some sanity to the sea moss debate, in an effort to combat the misinformation as some try to confuse the consumer, to gain market share.



(IT’S NOT GROWN RANDOMLY) .... So remove words such as "Wildharvested, Wildcrafted" from your lexicon.

Sea moss is a Natural, Organic Nutritious Sea Weed (food) which has been used in many forms and purposes for years.

 The sea moss used by most in the Caribbean is grown in tropical waters. The vast amount is grown in the Tropical Waters of Indian and Pacific Ocean, by countries such as Viet Nam, Malaysia, Philippians, and a small portion is grown in the Caribbean. In the Caribbean it’s not a viable crop, because of the limited area for cultivation, and factors such as labor, theft, and extremely high shipping cost to export. Therefore, most islands that grow sea moss is for domestic consumption.

The sea moss most people in the Caribbean consume is of the Euchemua Cottonii family, and might vary in shapes, some have small nodules on its stems while others are smoother.

On average only a small amount of sea moss is grown in man-made pools. This process is very expensive and the yield is small, as compared to the vast area needed to plant sea moss as a commercially viable product. So let’s dispense with such words as “Fake” Sea Moss.

Irish moss is not used by the people in the Caribbean because it’s harvested in cold water. Dr. Sabi, is at fault for this, he like most Jamaicans calls Eucheuma Cottonii Irish moss, but it’s grown in tropical waters and is truly Sea Moss (Sea Weed).

 As a sea moss distributor, we find some batches of sea moss might be harder to dissolve than others. This might be the result of the drying process after harvest. But, on average the sea moss with the small nodules on its stems dissolve faster than those that don’t. Another factor that can cause hardness is the age of the sea moss before it arrives at the customer. 

 We make no false claims. We have been selling this healthy product in bulk since 2002.

 We hope this goes a long way in clearing up some of the misleading statements made in regards to sea moss.


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