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Welcome to your home for fine Caribbean food and Jamaican food items on the web. Here our pledge is simple, "It's to bring you some of the best Caribbean food and Jamaican food items at the lowest prices available." Since 2002, we have seen many come and go with their elaborate or deceptive concepts; our site is simple, it was design so, because our interest is nothing more than to help you find the items you want in a efficient manner so that you can get on with your life.  Most of our Jamaican food and Caribbean food items are imported from the Caribbean, some as in the case of sea moss is imported from tropical waters in the Pacific Far East Region. We regret to tell you that most of the islands in the Caribbean don't supply enough sea moss even to supply themselves and like you rely on imports. While some are made here by Caribbean people in New York.  Although we strive to give the items you requested, sometime it may be necessary to switch brands, because the brand advertised is either out of stock our is no longer being imported, when this occurs we will inform you in advance. International orders / orders are shipped in the most efficient manner; and all charges are actually finalized at time of shipment see (International Orders); shipment of oversize items might require additional freight than what was charged; we will inform customer on those occasion. Finally handling Charges; is warranted on some items and are part of the overall freight charges when added together it will be apparent that your freight closely match the price paid on your package. There is so much to say in so little space. But when it come to supplying you on the internet with Caribbean food and Jamaican food items WIFGLOBAL.COM stands heads and shoulder above the others.

MUCH HAVE BEEN SAID ABOUT OUR PRICES: "WHY IS YOUR SEA MOSS SO CHEAP?"  The answer is this, we positioned our company as a WHOLESALER OF SEA MOSS we sell to many om-line stores and let them do the retailing. SO DON'T BE ALARM OF OUR PRICES!

One final point about our company: Sometimes due to the demand or quality of our sea moss, we are out of stock.  This condition usually last less than 3 weeks as we prepare to receive stock from our over seas suppliers.  So, don't panic if this should happened when you are informed by us, "We're Out Of Stock" This is not a going out of business signal.

Our family, Cerlene, Natashia, Shanice and Peter appreciate your business.